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Simple Paratha Recipe Using Liquid Dough | Nutritious Paratha Dish | Wholesome Recipe Ideas

Simple Paratha Recipe Using Liquid Dough | Nutritious Paratha Dish | Wholesome Recipe Ideas

Prepare the Wheat Flour and Garlic Paratha
with Liquid Dough in just 5 minutes | No Rolling or Kneading Required

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Prepare the Wheat Flour and Garlic Paratha with Liquid Dough
in just 5 minutes | No Rolling or Kneading Required
Paratha #Tortilla | Wheat Flour Garlic Paratha
#rotiwithliquiddough | #tortillarecipe |
#wholesomewheatflourcreations | #crepes |
#softchapathi | #wheatflourcrepes #foodfusionrecipes #kunfoods #ijazansarifoodsecrets #babafoodrrc #cookingleerecipes #nqrecipes

Credit: YouTube/NQ Recipes


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