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2023 NardDogAThon | Best 10 2023 Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

I am immensely grateful for an entertaining and eventful year here. Your encouragement through all the remarks, approval, shares, affection and inspiration have kept me moving forward.

Experience this enjoyable “NardDogAThon” where I present the finest and top plant-based/vegetarian recipes of 2023. These plant derived meals will energize you going into 2024!


00:00 The Top Vegan Recipes of 2023
00:01 method for creating vegan butter cauliflower
9:30 method for making saucy vegan Thai noodles
18:20 method for preparing the finest vegan pasta salads
35:20 method for crafting vegan vegetable biryani
44:20 method for creating cashew tofu
52:03 method for preparing Chana Masala
58:51 method for crafting tofu tikka masala
1:08:52 method for crafting mujadara
1:20:09 method for creating Jamaican lentil curry
1:30:17 method for preparing Turkish chickpea salad

★Full Recipes★
🌱 One Pot Turkish chickpea salad :
🌱 Jamaican Lentil Curry :
🌱 Mujadara :
🌱 Tofu Tikka Masala :
🌱 Chana Masala :
🌱 Cashew Tofu :
🌱 Vegetable Biryani :
🌱 3 Summer Pasta Salads
– Pesto :
– Macaroni :
– Italian :
🌱 Saucy Thai Noodles :
🌱 Butter Cauliflower :

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★Products That I Used For This Recipe★
*Affiliate Links for products help me make these videos. Thank you for your support.

Our Photography/Videography Equipment →

*Bear Claw Mitts:
*Black Measuring Cups and Spoons:
*Black Utensils:
*Bowls (Small):
*Can Opener:
*Cutting Board (Round):
*Food Processor:
*Glass Measuring Cups:
*Glass Mixing Bowls –
*Hand Grater:
*Immersion Blender:
*Induction Burner:
*Kitchen Towels:
*Knife (Misen):
*Measuring Cup (Tall):
*Reusable Bags for Meal Prep: (the ones in the video are from Aldi)
*Tofu Press:
*Vitamix –
-Cheaper Blender that we like:
*Whisk (Tiny):
*Wooden Salad Bowls:
*Wooden Skewer:
*Wooden Spatula:
*Wooden Utensils:

-Note: Not all products are exactly as seen in video.

Credit: YouTube/Andrew Bernard | The Nard Dog Cooks


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