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6 quick and easy meals for Busy Weeknights

(1) Toasted Cheese and Ham Sandwich
Italian style with tomato, oregano and basil. There’s simply no better way to make a toasted cheese sandwich for an incredible taste. By frying the bread in olive oil, it brings it to a whole new level. Then by cooking the tomatoes and melting the cheese in a garlic infused oil, the flavours are as good as they can get. Add fresh basil and oregano, all on smoked ham and wow! The best toasted cheese and ham sandwich you will ever taste!

(2) Spanish Omelette (Few Ingredients). With non traditional but delish pops of fried chorizo sausage. Commonly know as Tortilla in Spain, the Spanish omelette is commonly made using only potatoes, onion and eggs. The potatoes and onion are usually fried in olive oil, but work equally well in canola oil as used in this recipe. It’s basically four ingredients plus oil and seasoning similar to a frittata. It’s cooked in a pan on one side, flipped over to cook on the other resulting in a cake shape potato meal. Choose your oils and take out your classical guitar, as this meal will take you straight to the streets of Spain.

(3) Chicken, Ham & Cheese Quesadilla. Where Italy meets Mexico. Quick and Easy! A quick and easy meal that’s incredibly tasty. The flavours of Italy wrapped in a toasted tortilla with melted cheese and smoked ham.

(4) Garlic Butter Asian Style Spaghetti. The flavours will amaze you!
If you’re a garlic pasta fan, then you’ll be amazed at the flavours of this Garlic and Chili fusion pasta.  A mix of Asian and Western ingredients that pop in your mouth.  This recipe has few ingredients and can be made in under 20 minutes.  A great goto meal when you’re in a hurry. The pasta become buttery, super glossy coated in the butter and pasta starch.  Made with spring onions and crisp bok choy for a perfect balance of flavours and textures.  Enjoy my Garlic Butter Asian Style Spaghetti today!

(5) Cheese and Chive Omelette. Made in 10 minutes and the Most Delicious Omelette You’ll Ever Make! A well-made omelette is a thing of beauty. It’s simple, yet complex; humble, yet elevated. Whether you’re making a quick lunch for yourself or impressing dinner guests, an omelette is always a good choice. And the best part is that it’s easy to make in 10 minutes! Just beat a few eggs, add some chives and cracked pepper. Pour them into a hot non-stick pan with melted butter, add your favourite cheese, a little salt, fold it all up and enjoy.
A French style omelette doesn’t have many creases and browning, it should also be moist. If you’re looking for something extra special, try using organic eggs. The rich yolks and fluffy whites make for a delicious omelette that will definitely hit the spot. I like Gruyere as it melts well and gives a nice tangy flavour, but you can use the cheese you like. It’s best to salt the eggs after being almost cooked to keep them fluffy. Serve with a salad for a healthy meal. So next time you’re in the mood for something tasty and satisfying, give this classic dish a try. You won’t be disappointed!

(6) A 10 minute healthy meal. with beans, tomato, spinach and crusty bread. The fastest healthiest meal you can cook in 10 minutes!  Use dry store items for convenient healthy meals. The bread is also made with flour, salt and water, so easy to dry stock. See my sourdough bread recipes. The spinach can be bought fresh, frozen or even in cans, although I don’t recommend it in cans, go for frozen, if stocking up.  It’s also a perfect meal for vegans or vegetarians.  It’s cheap to make and nutritionally well balanced and made using one pan!  When I need a quick lunch, it’s usually my go to meal. So enjoy this quick and simple beans in tomato today. A 10 minute healthy meal!

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