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Healthy & Instant Rice Breakfast Recipe in 15 Minutes | Jhatphat Chawal Ke Naasta

goli idli recipe:
Ottu Shavige Recipe:

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goli idli recipe | masala goli kadubu | masala rice balls recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple healthy breakfast recipe made with rice flour and steamed till it becomes soft. these rice balls are soft and healthy as it is prepared with minimal ingredients to produce a complete and a balanced meal. it is generally served with a choice of spicy red chutney or coconut chutney, but can also be served with any types of spicy curry or even with dal or sambar recipes. goli idli recipe | masala goli kadubu | masala rice balls recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. idli and dosa recipes are perhaps one of the important breakfast recipes for most of us. the reason for its popularity is that it is termed as one of the clean and healthy food as it is cooked with less or no oil with steaming as it cooking method. obliviously, it has lead to many innovations in the idli category, and goli idli or round rice balls recipe is one such easy and simple healthy alternative for morning breakfast.

Ottu Shavige Recipe | Instant Akki Vattu Shavige Karnataka Style with detailed photo and video recipe. A healthy and simple breakfast recipe from South Indian cuisine made with rice flour and water. It is basically, a rice noodles recipe or string hopper recipe but slightly different to the popular Idiyappam recipe with its cooking technique. Hence it is nonsticky and also lite due to its unique cooking technique and steaming process. Ottu Shavige Recipe | Instant Akki Vattu Shavige Karnataka Style with step-by-step photo and video recipe. A popular South Indian breakfast recipe prepared with steamed rice dough. The traditional recipe involves soaking and grounding but this is a cheat version of this authentic recipe made with rice flour. Generally, it is served with either sweet coconut milk or just with a choice of pickle recipes. The same rice noodles can be further extended to upma by adding basic spices and vegetables.



Credit: YouTube/Hebbars Kitchen


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