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What I Eat In A Day (Easy + Healthy Korean Recipes)

It’s time for another batch of my fave easy recipes! Go to to get started on your first purchase and receive a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 travel packs. Thanks to AG1 for sponsoring today’s video!

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➥ Our Place – Always Pan:
➥ Our Place – Our Perfect Pot:
➥ Caraway – Saute Pan:
➥ Fable – Dinner Plates (Stone Blue):
➥ Epicurean – Cutting Board:
➥ Pyrex – Measuring Cups:

🥚 Zucchini Coin Omelette
➥ zucchini
➥ 2 eggs
➥ 2 tbsp cottage cheese
➥ 1 scoop of mexican cheese
➥ 1 squirt of sriracha
1. Prep your ingredients by coining your zucchini and beating your eggs
2. In the bowl of your eggs, add in your cottage cheese and mix
3. In a frying pan, lay down your zuchinni coins and let it cook until they’re soft
4. Pour in your egg mixture on top of the coins and cheese
5. Plate and enjoy with the hot sauce of your choice

🥬 Rolled Cabbage with Tofu Spring Rolls
➥ 4 leaves napa cabbage
➥ 1 zucchini
➥ 2 eggs
➥ 1 carrot
➥ 1 medium firm tofu
➥ salt + pepper
➥ spring roll paper
➥ 1 tbsp sriracha
➥ 1 tbsp vinegar
➥ 1 tbsp soy sauce
➥ 1 tbsp red pepper chili flakes
1. Prep your ingredients
2. In a hot pan, fry your tofu and break up the tofu, then season.
3. Once smashed, add in your beaten eggs and let it cook through.
4. In a separate pan, heat up your vegetables and cook through until soft.
5. Assemble your spring rolls and enjoy with the hot sauce.

🍗 Korean Spicy Chicken Breast Stew
➥ 1/4 onion
➥ 1/2 potato
➥ 1 oyster mushroom
➥ 3 leaves napa cabbage
➥ 2 green onions
➥ 1 pepper
➥ 4 garlic
➥ 1/4 ginger
➥ 2 cups water
➥ 1/4 tbsp chicken stock
➥ 3 tbsp red pepper chili flakes
➥ 1 tbsp fish sauce
➥ 1 tbsp agave
➥ 1 tbsp gochujang
➥ 1 chicken breast
1. Prep your ingredients by chopping and cutting your veggies.
2. In a large pot, add in your water, chicken stock, chili powder, fish sauce, agave, gochujang, garlic and ginger. Then mix it all up.
3. Then add in your potatoes and boil.
4. Prep your chicken breast by cutting into rustic pieces then pop them in your stew with onion and green onion.
5. Once at a boil again, add in your mushrooms, cabbage, peppers, and green onion.
6. Cook thoroughly and enjoy with rice.


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➥ Thumbnail by Kiyomi:


➥ Epidemic Sound


FTC: This video is sponsored by AG1! Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if anyone purchases through them. This helps support my channel so I can continue to create videos for ya’ll~

Credit: YouTube/Jenn Im


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